Determine the purpose of your site - Attract business, sell products online, provide promotional information, service customers, support your industry, increase business efficiency and productivity.

Content  Site articles, site promotion material, background information, facitilities, profile etc.

Research - Study sites of your competitors, suppliers, related businesses/organizations, etc. to get ideas of what you like and dislike so your site can present your business or organization in the best way possible

Determine your target audience - This can help guide the overall theme, content and layout

Compile materials - Collect print and electronic copies of text content, existing promotional material, photos, logos, graphics, etc.

Other considerations - Budget (how much to spend on development as well as monthly hosting fees), domain name - should be unique, easy to remember and relevant to your business name and service or purpose, Email - how many addresses do you need and who should have them and selecting hosting plans.

PHASE II Develop

Interface and navigation which will be efficient and intuitive

Style and design - While being practical and functional, your site should also have aesthetic appeal, reflecting existing logos, colors and fonts as well as making a good impression and keeping readers attention

Programming - your site will use code that is streamlined, browser compatible and ideally, browser independent.

Efficiency - code and graphics will be optimized for fast downloads

PHASE III - Support and maintenance

Search engine/index/directory submission (general purpose)

Listing in directories specific to your business, organization or location (trade associations, local chamber of commerce, etc.)

Update all your printed material to reflect your website address and emails if needed (e.g. Letterhead, business cards, quotes, invoices, contracts, signage, print ads, etc.)

Contact suppliers, customers and partners to discuss exchanging site links. This is good promotion and it can help your search engine rankings

Periodically check the listings and search engines for your website. Update and resubmit as needed

Always be aware of opportunities to add or update to your website and make it more useful or relevant to your business.